ST-60 and ST-40

  • Tandem Stacker


  • Reject Function
  • The error sets are delivered to the built-in reject tray for maximum non-stop operation.
  • Superior Stack Performance
  • A continuously cycling tail jog keeps all sheets well positioned for superior stack quality.


  • 8,000 Off-set Stacked Sets Per Hour
  • Horizon s innovative twin-tray design delivers 8,000 sets per hour as neatly jogged off-set stacks.
  • Non-stop Collating
  • The tandem pallet system enables you to operate the VAC and SAC collators with an absolute minimum of system stops. When one stack tray becomes full, the sets automatically route to the other stack tray, with no system slowdown.


  • Simple and Quick Change Over
  • The ST-40 stacker can be operated on-line with SPF-20 series bookletmaker. Two different jobs (bookletmaking and stacking) can be chosen by switch on the ST-40.

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