• Automated Set-up
  • Trim Thickness 51mm


  • Innovative Three-side Trimmer
    The new HT-30 three-side trimmer trims three sides of a book with a single knife. A pressure clamp holds and rotates the books for sequential top, fore-edge, and bottom trimming.
  • Robotic Trimming
    The operator simply inputs untrimmed and trimmed book size at the touch-screen. The HT-30 then performs all necessary setups automatically, and transports and trims each book.
  • Highly Accurate Finishing
    Precise servo motors are employed for knife positioning to insure high quality trimming. The servo controlled hydraulic unit adjusts pressure automatically for markless trimming.
  • Nonstop Trimming
    If the book dimensions are same, the HT-30 can trim books of different thickness continuously. Maximum trim thickness is 51 mm (2.0”).
  • Powerful Trimming
    Knife operation and book clamping are hydraulic controlled for safe and powerful trimming.
  • Safety Operation
    The trimming section, feed table, and stacker are all interlocked and safety covered for maximum operator safety.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Single knife trimming system reduces knife replacement time to 1/3 of normal three-knife trimmer. The HT-30 is equipped with a tungsten-carbide tipped trim knife for longer life.

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