VP 66

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 655mm x 655mm


  • High Speed and High Quality Perforation Featuring Suction Rotary Feeder.
  • Horizon introduces NEW suction feed perforating machine VP-66. The VP-66 is A2 size (19” x 25”) perforator with easy set up and operation. Top perforating speed for VP-66 is 15,500 sheets per hour. The perforation position is easily adjusted and a maximum of 71 perforation lines can be created. (Optional perforation units are required.)
  • Horizon’s uniquely designed suction rotary feeder with high speed suction head lets you feed a wide variety of paper stocks, ranging from 35 gsm tissue paper to 157 gsm thick stock. The paper size can range from 170×174 mm (6.7” x 6.8”) to 655×655 mm (25.7” x 25.7”). The perforated sheets are flipped over and stacked into a descending stacker that is located under the registration conveyor for space efficiency.

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