Front Loading Systems

The Front Loading System Cuts Power Needed for Paper Feeding from the Front.

Ease of operation in the handling of paper by pallets reduces the setting time of the operator.
Increase operability, productivity and stability and present the operation time.

  • Front layout
    The operator is surrounded in the layout and moving paths are reduced so that the loss time is minimized even during operation by a single operator.
  • Front grip
    The front edge of the paper is gripped and pulled, so that no damage is given to the paper and all types of paper quality can be handled.
  • Gripper supporting wrapping paper
    The gripper stacks even wrapped paper on the side table.
  • Table lifter
    The table lifter on which paper is stacked rises automatically by the thickness of the fed paper.
  • Air gun
    Compressed air blown between sheets of paper helps push the paper by a little force.


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