• Number of Colours: 2,4-12
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 720×1,030 mm
  • Maximum Printing Area: 710×1,020 mm
  • Plate Size: 800×1,030 mm
  • Feeder Pile Height: 1,150 mm
  • Delivery Pile Height: 1,150 mm


  • In readiness for IT and digitalization, this product can handle the print industry’s printing data and workflow digitalization.
  • Print quality is enhanced by a new ink roller temperature control system which increases color stability in continuous printing.
  • The skeleton structure of the transfer cylinder enables stable handling of paper stock ranging from thin paper to 1mm.
  • Productivity is enhanced by the addition of a newly developed automatic plate changing system, which combines with automatic washing systems for ink rollers, blanket cylinders, and impression cylinders, an automatic ink film adjustment system and other elements to achieve a marked reduction in makeready time.
  • Environmental consideration includes the use of non-alcohol dampener, an ink cartridge configuration, oilless bearings and the adoption of new spray powder. These measures prevent environmental pollution and yield a major reduction in paper wastage, contributing to the conservation of paper resources.
  • For safety, the press is equipped with all safety devices according to international safety regulations.
  • The centralized touch panel control system, the oilless bearings which eliminate maintenance tasks, and other techniques are employed to make the press easier to use.