• Number of Colours: 2, 4-10
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 480×660 mm
  • Maximum Printing Area: 470×650 mm
  • Plate Size: 560×670 mm
  • Feeder Pile Height: 800 mm
  • Delivery Pile Height: 900 mm


  • Automation for the World’s Shortest Setup
    The Lithrone S26 features extensive automation for the world’s shortest makeready thanks to the incorporation of Komori’s most advanced technologies.
    These range from the new Full-APC (the first fully automatic platechanging system specifically designed for a half-size press), that eliminates the need for a tail bend on the plate and is capable of changing four plates in just two minutes 30 seconds, to completely
    automatic washup of the blanket and impression cylinders and inking rollers.
    Unique Komori expertise and technologies ensure seamless interlocked operation of these automatic systems to achieve the shortest makeready available anywhere.
  • The Ultimate Short-Run Machine
    Short-run capability and quick turnaround performance remain the persistent needs of the printing industry. Moreover, the wider use of on-demand presses and increased price competition have made the requirements for sheetfed offset presses very rigorous.
    In addition to exceptionally short makeready, the Lithrone S26 offers a high-speed (12,000sph) initial printing function, a maximum printing speed of 16,000sph with ultra-stable print quality, and a highspeed pre-inking system.
    These functions work together to reduce the time from the end of one 200-page job to the start of the next job by 50 percent — to a mere six minutes. This unprecedented job changeover time is a powerful instrument for handling short-run work profitably.
    In fact, the Lithrone S26 has the unheard-of capacity to finish 10 jobs of 200 pages each in just one hour. (Figures show Komori measurements under specific conditions. No warranty is implied.)
  • Extending the Lithrone Tradition with Evolved Print Quality
    The major advantages of the Lithrone S26 include high print quality, high reproducibility, superior inking and distribution, and color brilliance along with high productivity. The printing units are at the core of this quality.
    They incorporate an optimized roller configuration derived from a computer analysis to specify the ideal model for maintaining the optimum balance of ink and water, ensuring sufficient ink retention, and attaining high print quality.
    In addition, the Lithrone S26 printing units are equipped with the Komorimatic dampening system, which provides a consistent supply of dampening solution directly
    to the plate and also enables high-quality non-alcohol printing with the minimum necessary amount of water. The printing units also exhibit very high rigidity due to micron-order machine accuracy. The essence of the Komori pursuit of high print quality.
  • Advanced Operation Console for Digital Control
    Equipped with dual large-screen touch-panels, the new operation console allows nearly all press adjustments to be made easily by remote control.
    The operation console can be configured with the CIP4/JDF-compatible K-Station (optional) and the KMS Komori Management System (optional). This centralized
    control offers a realtime view of press operating conditions with external data.
    The improved operating environment not only facilitates management streamlining but also reduces the operator’s taskload.
    Combining these capabilities with the optional PDC-SII Print Density Control-Spectrodensitometer and K-ColorProfiler enables numeric control for color matching printed items and smooth implementation of advanced color management, a major step toward printing standardization. The Komori command center ready to evolve with future digital technologies.
  • The Power of the Lithrone Double-Size Perfecting Mechanism
    For printers who require both thin and thick sheet capabilities, need both multicolor and two-sided printing, or aim at in-sourcing more work, the Lithrone S26P meets the most stringent requirements of demanding applications. One press for straight printing and perfecting printing on thin and thick sheets.
  • Quality
    The cylinder array of double-size impression, transfer, and perfecting cylinders virtually eliminates scuffing and marking and produces high print quality with minimal front/back quality differences.
  • Productivity
    The Lithrone S26P offers 15,000sph printing speed in perfecting mode with two original Komori systems — the high-performance perfecting mechanism that uses
    three double-size transfer cylinders and Komori’s unique sheet path design, maintained by smooth, stress-free sheet transfers and air guides. In addition, makeready and lead times (especially when many units are employed) are substantially shortened by an array of cutting-edge automated mechanisms, such as the new fully automatic platechanging (Full-APC). By maximizing the advantages of one-pass printing, the Lithrone S26P delivers awesome performance — the most direct, effective means of driving the profitability of a printing business.
  • Fully automatic switching between straight and perfecting
    The Komori perfecting mechanism configured of three double-size transfer cylinders presents fewer sheet transfers than a single-size design, resulting in consistent sheet transport, no marking/scuffing issues, and easy handling of a range of sheet thicknesses. Switching between straight and perfecting printing modes requires limited mechanical operation, input of the sheet size via the touch-panel on the operation console and the touch of a button. The easy operation is virtually automatic.