• Number of Colours: 4-10
  • Maximum Sheet Size: 720×1,030 mm
  • Maximum Printing Area: 700×1,020 mm
  • Plate Size: 800×1,030 mm
  • Feeder Pile Height: 1,150 mm
  • Delivery Pile Height: 1,150 mm


  • The Lithrone S40P is a powerful weapon for business success. For double-sided printing, production time is slashed to one-half that of a conventional perfector. Stock space and drying time are substantially reduced. Plus, lead times can be slashed. In single-sided printing, this press expands the potential range of profitable work by facilitating added-value printing with many patterns, including special inks and over print coating. The strategic printing machine that affords the high productivity and high quality printing ideal for printers committed to advancement.
  • Sheet reversing mechanism employs Komori’s original double circumference, three-cylinder high-performance perfecting configuration.
  • Double-side impression, transfer, and perfecting cylinder configuration ensure high print quality in both one- and two-sided modes. Thick stock capability gives the printer greater versatility.
  • Delivery design provides sheet transfer by cylinder at startup to ensure high front-back quality. Sheet discharge realizes excellent sheet-stack performance via optimized delivery-unit airflow.