Our service team consists of over ten engineers with various backgrounds to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all technologies. With a combined experience of over 75 years, the service team is a most impressive group. The team is constantly challenged to look for innovative, cost effective solutions to every problem and set out with the one goal of ensuring customer satisfaction. This is obtained by ensuring up to date training at regular intervals in many locations – England, Germany, Japan etc. to guarantee the best possible attention. The service team strives to stay current with all available technological information so as to be able to understand and successfully communicate about the customer’s needs.

The service team works closely with the spare-parts department to ensure minimal wait periods arising from major issues. This is done by keeping items in stock monitored by the ‘pull-system’ of inventory. Even with our comprehensive analysis of the most often needed parts, sometimes an item is needed that is not in stock; for this we have partnered with our suppliers to ensure overnight delivery for immediate attention.